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Júlia Trindade - aka Jutri - is a Brazilian designer based in Lisbon specializing in Art Direction & Graphic Design at the intersection of art, fashion and culture. Being a gen z woman, she’s strongly influenced by the internet and youth culture, which means she has a sharp eye for current movements and trends. She loves to mix fashion with graphic design and explore both digital and analog processes in her work.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Design from IADE in Lisbon. By the way, her career started when a university professor loved her work so much that he invited her for an Art Direction internship at Wunderman Thompson Portugal, where he works as the Executive Creative Director. She’s been working for brands both from Portugal and Brazil ever since, being currently at Selina as a graphic designer of the global brand team.

When not working, you can find her skating with her friends or reading cool magazines and drinking matcha lattes at cute coffee shops :-)


She’s always looking for new projects and new people to collaborate with. Feel free to reach out!


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Fashion / Social media / Poster design